Prepare Well to Recover Well

Using the Power of Your Mind!

If you are about to have surgery, buy and read this book

to achieve the best possible outcome.

There are many things you can do to prepare for surgery – starting right now.

You can reduce your fears and improve the whole experience.

You are not alone in feeling unsettled about stepping into the unknown and trusting your life to other people.

Let’s face it… you will have been told of many potential complications. This can be scary.

Thousands of people around the world every day experience common pre-surgery fears such as:

  • coping with the pain
  • needles
  • having their body invaded
  • slow recovery
  • complications
  • inability to cope

If this describes you, then help is readily available. This book and accompanying audios will help you to harness the power of your mind so that you cope confidently and calmly with your surgery and recovery.

Your mind is your most potent ally in preparing for surgery!

Listen to what Dr Robin Youngson, Anesthesiologist, has to say:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF3SS67fI98 570 430[/youtube]

There is a growing body of scientific research validating that the more relaxed and less fearful you are prior to surgery, you will have

 less pain
 more rapid wound healing
 fewer post operative infection(s)
 reduced need for pain medication(s)
 reduced blood loss
 reduced anxiety and depression
 fewer complications
 reduced costs
 the possibility of being ready to go home sooner

All of this means higher levels of comfort and a quicker recovery!

The single theme that each of these studies point to is this…

The greatest healing potential you have is the power of your mind.

The better prepared you are prior to your surgery…the better the outcome.

 The Having Surgery? book and audios transforms your relationship to both surgery and recovery. You are shown how to leave negative experiences and fears in the past and how to create the ideal healing environment in which your body can achieve rapid recovery. Specifically, you learn

 how to get deeply relaxed and feel calm
 how to quiet the runaway mind
how to use your mind to instruct your body to heal
 specific techniques that SIGNIFICANTLY impact pain
 how to create your Personalized Plan for healing and recovery

You can easily learn the techniques in this book  and they can be practiced and used anywhere, any time.

“You wouldn’t go into taking a test without first studying or preparing for it, especially if it was one of the most important tests of your life. The same applies to your surgery. The HAVING SURGERY? book is one of the most thorough and easy to use programs to use in preparing for your surgery.”

Dr. Robin Youngson, Anesthesiologist

If you really want to move through your surgery easily and get back into your life with a minimum of disruption, click the link to buy Having Surgery? now.

You have two options for the accompanying audios. You can choose an American accent or a New Zealand accent.

“What’s Inside?…”

This invaluable material shows how everyone can become a peak performer in a mind/body preparation for surgery. I have personally witnessed the power of the holistic approach to healing as I have seen members of my family defy expectations in their rapid recovery from surgery. I would thoroughly recommend Having Surgery? to everyone facing the challenge of surgery.— Dr. Robin Youngson MA, MB, ChB, FRCA, FANZCA, Anesthesiologist and international patient safety expert

 “… This is a very readable and useful book. It offers, in a clear and non-threatening way, a wonderful range of resources to help people to approach surgery confidently and positively.”

– Natasha Coleman RN BSc

           More on the benefits.

Why deeply relax? Stress and tension switch off your immune system. Being relaxed switches on your immune system. Your immune system protects you from infection and heals damaged tissue.

How is a quiet mind helpful? It reduces stress and tension and increases the ability to relax.

How do you use your mind to instruct your mind/body to heal? Your brain is constantly giving instructions to your body out of consciousness. You can learn how to consciously contribute to this conversation through the use of your imagination.


Ross for HS“When I discovered I needed a hip replacement, I was filled with dread because my wife died from complications after her fifth hip surgery. The material in this book helped me to approach my surgery calmly.

I had no blood loss or complications and my surgeon was amazed at the speed of my recovery.

–   Ross Garrick

Do you only have 24 hours before your surgery?

If you are hesitating because you only have a short time before your surgery, buy the Kindle version of the book. Check the website on the FAQ page for some suggestions on how to effectively use the information.


If you find the book wasn’t as helpful as you wanted, just ask for your money back. It will be cheerfully refunded.

To order your book from Amazon, click the link below.


To order direct from New Zealand, which includes an audio CD, click on the Buy Now button here:

 Don’t wait until the last minute to buy this book.

The more practice you get, the better off you will be. Even if your surgery is sometime in the future, getting started with this material now will be hugely beneficial for you.

Research has shown that the more you practice ahead of your challenge, the more effectively you can use these techniques when the heat is on.

So get cracking now!

Best not to wait until the last minute.

P.S. A registered surgical nurse says, “This is a very readable and useful book…I will definitely recommend this to my patients.”

Medical professionals are increasingly recognizing the critical importance of mental preparation for surgery.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Robin Youngson says:

“In my clinical practice I have repeatedly seen that the more a person who is about to have surgery feels involved and is actively contributing to their treatment and recovery process, the more favorable the outcome is likely to be. I thoroughly recommend the book, Having Surgery?, to everyone facing the challenge of surgery.”

     To Your Success!

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